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KIM POOR is a Brazilian painter based in London and Rio de Janeiro whose unique technique of glass fused on steel plate was baptised ‘Diaphanism’ by Salvador Dali. Her work has featured on record sleeves, in a book illustrating the lyrics of British rock band Genesis and has been exhibited worldwide including successful solo shows at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and in São Paulo with her Legends of The Amazon multimedia show. Her book Amazônia Imagined, with Edward Lucie-Smith, will be published next year. In recent years she has also found renown internationally with her jewellery designs, creating one-off sculptural pieces including many with angelic themes. ... read more

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The Shadow of Angels - Paintings by KIM POOR

"They are our protectors, guides and spiritual messengers; a bridge between us and the divine."

The Shadow of Angels

Kim Poor is exhibiting a series of paintings in various mediums, including her unique technique of glass fused on steel plate, baptised ‘Diaphanism’ by Salvador Dali. The venue itself is iconic - the beautiful Christopher Wren church, St. Stephen Walbrook in the City of London.
The theme of this exhibition, curated by the legendary art historian and critic Edward Lucie-Smith, is the universal appeal of angels and their presence and significance in our lives. Their iconography has been a unifying force throughout time and appears in all religions and cultures. Especially in these troubled times, angels represent our need for reassurance in a very unstable world. They are our protectors, guides and spiritual messengers; a bridge between us and the Divine.
St. Stephen Walbrook, City of London EC4N 8BN
from 3rd to 29th October 2016
Open Monday to Friday between 10am and 4pm
Except Wednesday 11am to 3pm

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